Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedgewood Waterford

My wedgwood plates. I purchased this 30 piece set during a W&W sale over 2 years ago. A little early in my gameplan but I couldn't resist the Marc Jacob designed 22k gold brushed design of perforated lines and dots that came with flatware - 30 pieces of solid sterling silver cutlery that just screams wedding. I hope to complete it with matching stemware (waterford the associated crystal brand makes them) one day.

I really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into wedgwood dinnerware. The plates are light and thin, when I hold it up against the light it becomes lucid and I can see how even the porcelain is moulded. It is tough and resilient, weathering many accidents with clumsy me with neither a crack nor scratch to show for it. Sturdy, the beautiful patterns gleam with a high polished shine even after getting a good scrubbing with steel brushes. Meant to last it's owner for generations, now I know why people pay so much for these things and am so glad that I have mine.

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