Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fish & Co

Fish & Co for fried, grilled or baked seafood. It's like a restaurant version of Long John Silver with a dozen different kinds of fish and chips to choose from.

Their signature drink Jungle Monkey Freeze, a giant soda for 2 was popular while my mom and I were there. It's massive, that's no trick photography! I ordered Kola Tonic instead, another signature drink. 

Cute fish pot holders to hold the sizzling pans of food.

Seafood meals are never complete without chowder. Something strangely comforting in the creamy wholesomeness of cream soup thickened with potatoes and leeks.

And their famous seafood platters. You can smell the seafood on the grill. Then you dig into the buttered rice underneath *ohh whee* kinda like seafood paella on BBQ.

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