Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Choc White Truffle Crumble

Having just returned from Europe, my fridge is bursting at the seams with chocolate. With the help of a miniature bottle of white truffle oil from the markets of Budapest and some Meiji milk, I made ganache. A simple starting point for a delicious dessert. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any apples and the dwarf honey pears were off limits. So I used what I could find, bananas and seedless grapes.

Dunking the chopped fruits in white chocolate & truffle ganache.

Arranging the fruits on the plate to create the base (or is it top) of my crumble.

Then crush shortbread cookies on top. It will re-freeze to form a brittle or giant choc bar.

Crack the brittle and serve with ice-cream and fresh whipped cream.

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