Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mobile Lines

All my friends probably know this story of my mobile lines by now.

I bought a new phone and a new mobile line last Sunday from Singtel Hello shop because for some reason, my last mobile which was purchased under a corporate plan, was registered in my previous company's name. So I had to apply concurrently for the line to be transferred to my name before I can cancel it.

This new line was great, until Monday when I started receiving notifications of subscriptions etc. When I called Singtel, they told me the line was still registered under some male stranger's name. It's probably the previous owner of the line and will take 3-5 working days to get registered under my name.

Since I can't use my new mobile phone and line now, I sent it to Gmask for a makeover (another story I will post on later).

Then my backup phone battery died on me and I realized I couldn't find my charger anywhere. I dialled my sis in horror to check if she had a charger I could borrow as we keep similar makes of Samsung mobile phones as backup. She didn't. Where did all the chargers go?

We dialled SOS to our dad (a former Singtel engineer) to get us a charger. Which he did after much sorting and searching. And I managed to charge my phone, juggling 2 phone lines.

And I finally got to download these 30th birthday cake pictures onto my computer.


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