Friday, November 26, 2010

Bodum Pavina Glasses

I was ordering the Christmas Turkey and Ham from Cold Storage when the cashier offered me Bodum's double wall glasses as purchase with purchase. I didn't need much more convincing to cart home as many as I was allowed to buy.

As a keen follower of good design, I have been eyeing Bodum's Pavina range of double wall glasses since launch day. Pavina is much lighter and tougher than ordinary glass. Designed to keep the cold or hot in and your hands at room temperature through it's double wall design. The silicon covered hole underneath allows for self moderation during sudden temperature fluctuations, so it can moonlight as cookware. Microwave and dishwasher friendly means low maintainence. Do you really need more reasons?

I intend to use the little ones for tea or sauces, mid-sized ones for daily drinking or soup and large ones for cocktails and beer.


  1. Hey, dont they get wet on the inside through the silicon covered hole?

    1. it's 1 way, you can check out the bodum website and online reviews too.


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