Friday, March 3, 2017

Cameras Comparison

(1) Fujifilm FinePix XP90 ($449)
It's a really rugged family friendly camera. Waterproof up to 20m, shockproof up to 1.75m, freezeproof up to -10°C, dustproof. WIFI and Remote enabled, there are a whole bunch of fun filter effects, shooting modes that include an underwater mode for clear pics in the water and even a panorama function. You can film time-lapse clips and even full HD movies. 16.4 megapixels with BSI-CMOS sensor and optical image stabilization. The monitor is only 3" so it fits nicely in the palm of your hands and weighs 203gm. The XP120 was released this year but is not available locally yet.

(2) Canon Powershot D30 ($399)
Canon released a mint green D20 this year that is not available locally yet. So this is about the 2014 D30 model. It's another rugged family friendly camera, waterproof up to 25m, shockproof up to 2m, freezeproof up to -10°C, GPS enabled for time and location print. It's the same size as FujiFilm's FinePix XP120 only slightly heavier at 218 gm. There are a bunch of filter effects, shooting modes and movie recording modes. 12 megapixels.

(3) Nikon CoolPix AW130 ($469)
This outdoorsy model is high performance, waterproof up to 30 m, shockproof up to 2.1 m, freezeproof up to -10°C, dustproof. It's GPS, Glonass, QZSS enabled for date, location, altitude and depth gauge. WIFI and remote enabled to connect you wherever you are. Shoot full HD movies, stills or time-lapse on this 16 megapixel camera that comes with CMOS sensor and back illumination so you can review in the dark. Edit your photos with its built-in photo editing functions. It's the same size as the 2 cameras above and weighs a hefty 221 gm.

(4) GoPro Hero 5 Black ($590)
 Hero 5 is the latest release from GoPro that makes action cameras for sports people. This version has active voice control for ease of use. GoPro is known for its advanced video stabilization that allows you to film on the go with over 30 mounts and accessories to wear it while you are on the move. Waterproof up to 10m with just 1 button for start/stop recording. The 2 inch touchscreen display allows you to change settings, preview and edit footage (even sound). It's got 3 other film modes and GPS enabled.

(5) Panasonic Lumix FT6 ($399)
Waterproof up to 13m and 100 kgf pressure resistance, shockproof up to 2 m, freezeproof up to -10°C, dustproof. It's GPS and Glonass enabled, also has compass, altimeter and barometer for your outdoor photoshoots. Antishake feature comes in handy, WIFI and remote enabled. Shoot full HD movies or time-lapse on this 16.1 megapixel camera that comes with MOS sensor. There are a couple of fun filter effects and a panorama function. It's 3" screen is the same size as the cameras above and weighs in at 214 gm. Kinda strange that the lens is from Leica (another camera brand). Has a torchlight flash that can be turn on even when not taking pictures.
(6) Olympus Stylus Tough TG 870 ($398)
The most obvious selling point is its flip up screen that allows you to check out selfies and other odd positions. With a handy sport holder that ensures you never lose this camera. This model is waterproof up to 15 m and 100 kgf pressure resistance, shockproof up to 2.1 m, freezeproof up to -10°C, dustproof. There are several photo taking modes including sportcam mode. Shoot full HD movies, high speed, sport burst or time-lapse on this 16 megapixel camera. It's WIFI, GPS, Glonass, QZSS enabled. There are a bunch of fun filter effects, a night mode that allows you to film and capture time lapse at night, and a really cool live composite function that allows you to capture light trails. It's 3" screen is the same size as the cameras above and weighs a hefty 221 gm (similar to Nikon Coolpix AW130).

(7) Ricoh-Pentax WG-30W & WG-5 ($499)
These 2 outdoor cameras are almost the same including the price. WG-30W is slightly lighter at 192 gm and has slightly less robust features than WG-5 that is the heaviest of all the sport cameras featured here at 236 gm. So let's focus on what WG-5 has; 16 megapixels, CMOS stabilization, some camera modes, some film modes including ability to film full HD movies and edit them, a whole bunch of fun filter effects. GPS and Remote enabled with compass and barometer (WG-30W is WIFI enabled only). Waterproof up to 14m, shockproof up to 2m, freezeproof up to -10°C, dustproof. Both cameras have additional 6 LED lights in front for close-ups, contributing to its really cool appearance.

(8) Casio Exilim TR70 ($1,099) / TR50 / TR35 / MR1
"Selfie is Casio" that's the new tagline of an entire range of cameras solely for taking pictures or movies of yourself. MR1 is a compact mirror that doubles as a camera. TR70, TR60, TR50 are about the same 11.1 megapixels except for aesthetic differences and TR35 is a higher end model with 12.1 megapixels and longer battery life. These cameras have an adjustable frame for holding it in your hand, hanging it on the wall, propping up on your desk. It's about the same size as a regular camera, with a 3" screen. CMOS sensor for stabilization, WIFI enabled so you can share your selfies immediately. The main selling point is the Makeup Function that smooths out your complexion and lightens skin tone. The next important feature is high brightness LED lighting that captures great images against backlight or indoors. These 2 features apply in picture taking and movie mode. You can horizontally invert pictures so it appears on the same side as real life. TR60 and TR50 have additional fun filter effects. TR35 allows 5 successive photos to be taken with 1 click, multiple shutter release options that make it easier for user to operate with 1 hand, movie editing capability and remote enabled.


(9) Samsung Galaxy 2 ($638)
That's the name of a phone not just a camera, this hyper connected camera has everything but a phone function. 16 megapixels, 4.8" touch screen, BSI CMOS stabilization. WIFI, Bluetooth, Android enabled so you can download any app onto this phone, surf the web, connect to other devices. It has a 21x zoom that is epic given most compact cameras have 5x to 10x. A variety of camera modes, film modes and fun filter effects. GPS/Glonass available.

(10) FujiFilm Instax Mini Hello Kitty ($199)
An instant camera in a super cute casing. Instant cameras are pretty basic, this one has a light function. A lens to add on for magnifying images. Mirror on the back to assist with selfies. 14.5 cm x 16.9 cm, 395 gm.

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