Friday, March 17, 2017

Ainsley's Instant Food / Loaded Potato Soup

Delivery from Redmart, everything I bought was discounted by 50% or more. The only thing that wasn't discounted was this instant couscous packet ($3.95) from celebrity chef Ainsley. 

It's instant tomato & garlic couscous, just add hot water and wait 5 minutes. Recommended to be served with butter or olive oil and marinated chicken. I paired it with CP Tumeric Chicken 1kg ($8).

I also made fully loaded potato soup from watching Betty's Kitchen, otherwise known as beer cheese soup with potatoes. It's absolutely decadent and a real crowd pleaser, I almost couldn't believe 1 family portion of soup can cost $40 to make. 

Initially, I wanted to use chinese cooking wine instead of chicken stock, but it's quite salty on its own so you really have to use the pure chinese wine instead. I just went with a mix that included stock cube and water. I cooked it on the stove for 2 hours and the base burned. The potatoes were softened but not dissolved into the soup, it had to be mushed with a spatula. 

I wanted to share this last easy-to-make meal with everyone, you know how quickly wheat crackers lose it's crisp. Break it into little pieces and mix it in with 1 can of chili con carne over the stove, in this case I got Hormel Chili Turkey with Beans ($4.05). 

I mixed in Christmas cookies and crackers creating a really sweet yet savory chili. Don't worry, its totally edible, in fact it was quite nice.

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