Friday, March 31, 2017

ArtScience Museum / DC Comics Superheroes Cafe

The Art Science Museum is located at Marina Bay Sands, closer to the pedestrian bridge. You will always find people lounging outside the museum where all the waterlilies are. The whole area is buzzing with activity given Youth Park, Singapore flyer, The Float @ Marina Bay are all located in the same area. 

So I finally visited the Art Science Museum @ MBS and its quite crowded, I thought it would be empty on a weekday afternoon especially since 1 exhibit has yet to open and 1 more is partially closed for update. There are tourists, school children, young couples. You get a free drink with every entrance ticket purchased.

The free exhibition is a World Wildlife Fund interactive session with Lenovo tablets obtained at the cashier counter. 

You point the tablet at certain areas and it shows you animals and forestry, you have to find the animals and click on the information button for more details to read up on. At the end you have to find a seed to plant on the 4th floor that triggers a movie in the event room next door.

WWF stuff to buy at the gift shop.

Future World has been around for some time and I think it might be a permanent exhibit.

The kids will love it, I see them running around catching virtual fishes and pushing stuff around.

Local souvenirs that are pretty cool, very different or maybe its just new so we'll be seeing these everywhere real soon.

 NASA exhibit is actually quite scary, dummy reconstructions of actual equipment used as well as antiques of the space age are put on display.

There is a G Force Simulator used in astronaut training, $6 a go.

More souvenirs to buy, everyone loves the space ice cream. I got the cookie cutters for my dad as I have never seen it before.


Once done with the exhibits, its time to eat and on the ground floor is Fab Cafe for coffee, tea, ice cream and pastries. For real food you need to pop outside the museum to Pita Pan that serves middle eastern wraps and such. If not, just behind it inside MBS is DC Superheroes Cafe.

Look at how big it is, it even has its own paraphernalia shop. The waiters told me 1 side of the cafe is for meals (displaying life size figurines) and the other is for light bites and desserts (display cases full of themed gelato ice cream and cakes).

 Everything is soo colourful and detailed, the menu itself is a comic book as are the placemats. I ordered Aqua Man prawn spears and Superman carbonara. 

Initially, I ordered Joker's "Just Desserts" a rainbow milkshake that I had to change to a gelato popsicle instead. Couldn't leave without having dessert even though I was full.

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