Friday, March 24, 2017

Wings of Time Show / Good Old Days Restaurant


Dinner and a show @ Sentosa, Beach Station. Taking the monorail from Vivocity 3rd floor is only $4 both ways. I booked the show ticket and food from the counter @ vivocity coz the FUN packages are really good value.

There are loads to do at Beach Station. Obviously there are beaches, there's also segway tours, Ifly and a bunch of eateries including McDonald's and 7-11.

That's the Good Old Days restaurant outside the show venue, upstairs is a-la-carte and downstairs is buffet.

I went for the buffet, I couldn't get enough of those fried fish fritters and tofu in sweet Thai chili sauce. There's a nice selection of cold drinks here, try the rose syrup its pretty good.

FUN souvenir shop next to the restaurant. There's also Korean Bingsu but its only open in the evenings after the shows.

I got a Wings of Time plushie, soo cute. They sell Wings of Time popcorn outside the Theater $3.

Check out the theater set! It's a real beach lol!

Those are real flames and fireworks and waterworks, an entertaining 20 mins.


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