Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring is here

Spending my lunch money on set meals @ Collins. They have set lunches here and the food variety or quality is absolutely there.

Trying out Sims 4 video game, I am waiting for more expansion packs to come out so there's variety. Having played 1, 2 and 3 before, I have to say 4 is really quite different. You cannot scroll through the neighborhoods or start on a ready made family. Instead you get turnkey solutions, advanced build functions, more creative control in creating sims characters and homes.

Received more GMO seeds this week. I already have the multi-color rose ones so these are black roses and blue strawberries.

The seeds are soo tiny! The strawberry seeds look like specks of dirt, I am gonna need to buy compressed peat plant starters for these.

Out of all the rainbow coloured GMO variety things you can buy on, I have chosen these 2 new things to grow. Because, I was looking for more blue fruits to decorate & bake with. There really isn't anything more than blueberries that are dark almost black blueish in colour. So I bought the only blue fruits I could find on the internet, not exactly sure what shade or make it will turn out as.

 Black & white together create a really formal look, white roses are commonly found so I just really needed the black ones. It's supposed to be naturally found in Turkey, not sure how true that is.

Totally into this farming thing, especially when barnyard style homes and rustic furniture are the latest design/furniture trends now. Compared to RVs, trailer homes and tiny homes, this is a feasible alternative for quaint countryside living. But doesn't barnyard homes refer to tin can homes that dot the countryside in Malaysia and in the slums of India.

I checked out farm land in Singapore that can only be leased on 6 to 7 figure retainers to the government. For smaller scale gardening, there is a new Hort Park in Singapore with 80 25sqm plots for lease, even if you don't lease the plots of land you can still check out the park on weekends with classes, restaurants and even shopping. 

I checked on owning farm land in Malaysia that is more accessible to the average Singaporean and I have at least 1 neighbor that does this. The only restriction Malaysia has is minimum amount required on each land transaction. This ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the state your land is located in. Singaporeans can only stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 1 month per year, so I guess you travel across the border once a year for harvest and that's it.

On the first step towards my home garden, I tried looking for seeds in the shops and there are almost none. So had to make a trip to the Thomson Road plant nurseries to get some of the local variety. The shelves were soo dusty my fingers were black after selecting my seed packets. Apart from local stuff that costs $1 to $3, there are Italian herbs & flowers @$9.90 a packet, thinking it might be cheaper getting it while on vacation. Spent almost $100 on just seeds alone!

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