Friday, February 17, 2017

CNY...Valentine's Day

This week we move from CNY into Valentine's Day. Lunch @ Watami Japanese Restaurant, western style salads, everything else is Jap. The cook must be in a good mood coz our meal was oishi!

Beautiful pink skies around my place at around 7:30pm.

Attended church #tryalpha with my cousins.

Got my nails done at a local spa using China products, the gel nail polish looks really good, 猫眼.

On Valentine's Day, I made lunch at home for 5 to 6 people. Everything was purchased from FairPrice under $40.

Torres black truffle potato chips     $2.95 x 3
Sunshine black truffle and mushroom flatbread     $6.90
Chinese sausages & hotdog buns (5 pack)     $3.10 + $1.80
1 big white onion                    $1.96
Tiger Radler Grapefruit Beer (6 pack)     $9.70
Poppies mini chocolate eclairs (12 piece)     $5.95

Total is $38.26, you can still squeeze in a bottle of tomato ketchup for the hotdogs.

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