Friday, February 3, 2017

Midway through CNY

Reunion Dinner, the usual steamboat and relatives. 

Went round the temples that night as people usually do, it gets really crowded. On New Year morning we visit our grandparents ashes to pay our respects.

 Lunch @ Auntie Linda's place.

Longans 桂圆 or 龙眼, peaches 桃子 or 桃花运 love luck, my fave are mandarin oranges 桔子(especially the new seedless variety). The only Chinese fruits missing here are pomelo 柚子 and pears 梨子

Gucci started releasing a Chinese New Year collection 3 years ago and this year its a red leather & gold thread embroidered Dionysus bag. It's not rooster themed and has a matching wallet and card case. There are rooster themed items like the scarf and shoes.

However, that is not what caught my attention. It's this Gucci brocade Marmont bag that comes in red or green that has me in a tizzy, from Gucci Spring 2017 collection. I hesitate coz it looks like a blanket but at the same time it sings to me.

This spring 2017 collection also has a yellow brocade Dionysus bag with bamboo handle. And a green brocade Sylvie bag.

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