Friday, December 11, 2015

Joanne & Jodie's dresses

Sewing gowns for my cousins Joanne and Jodie, hopefully reflecting their personal tastes in these outfits. I chose a ribbon B&W print in linen blend for big Jo and colourful gem print in cotton for little Jo.

Toga dress with ribbon lapel and mermaid cut skirt. Mermaid skirts create an hourglass effect on fuller figures.

I used teal binding on the cotton dress to show off the sewing details on the dress. On hindsight I should have gone crazy with it but I didn't, kinda regretting it now as the print is quite busy so more defined lines provided by the binding would have been visually stunning.

I doubled the ruffle on the bodice to make it evenly centered.

A bit of train on the back.

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