Friday, May 17, 2013

Purl Knit Beanie

To make an adult-sized beanie or winter cap, I used just half a skein of yarn on a 52 peg closed loop loom. Took me about 2 days, most of it was spent unravelling the yarn.

Alternating single knit with purl stitches, you get a double layer fabric and the inside looks like the outside. So when you roll it up to wear, it looks the same.

Instead of casting off to end, you use the gathering method where you gather the ends with a needle and thread, then pull.

Flip it inside out and you have a beanie. I made 1 fold on the bottom and sewed it down so there is a mark where the next fold should be. That way, the folds won't curl and roll around.

With the leftover yarn, I made a double yarn cap that's smaller and thicker with a brim. I guess it's more of a fishing hat for a baby instead.

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