Saturday, May 25, 2013

Knitting Machines

Knitting needles and looms are not the only way to get started on knitting. Most craft and toy stores carry knitting machines for kids and adults to play with. Starting with handheld knitters that make basic braids. Use it to turn yarn into bands and bows or into thicker material to knit with. 

A manual crank knitting machine that makes scarves and caps. Available under various brands in several different sizes. It is an adaptation of the industrial machines used to make socks. Unleash your creativity and see what you come up with.

A sweater machine that allows you to make customized sweaters in a day! Anyone that has tried knitting sweaters before know it takes days if not months to knit a custom sweater. This home version is based on industrial machines used to make fashion sweaters and will allow you the same professional results within less time.

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