Friday, May 3, 2013

Martha Stewart Loom Review

What I really like about this is its a complete set of weaving and knitting looms. There are different shapes and sizes of looms, pegs are colour-coded and it even comes with a matching set of accessories like sewing needle.

There are instructions included on how to use the loom, some basic knit stitches and 3 projects for you to get started. The provided instructions are step-by-step with pictures making it easy to follow. Once you complete the 3 projects, you will get the hang of it and progress onto more complex projects available online at Martha Stewart and Lion Brand Yarn.

This is the best way to get started on knitting if you don't know how. Looms help create even stitches for professional results and there will be a lot less dropped stitches for newbies. What I don't like about this kit is that the pegs do fall out when you use more strength, for that a regular fixed loom would work better.

Some false starts and now I am off knitting my own piece of fabric that I think will be a scarf. know what I really want is a knit-along DVD of all types of knitting stitches on looms.

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