Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One Pot Cooking

 I remember when I was young, my mom would throw rice grains, sauces and chopped veges and chicken into the rice cooker before we went to school and we would return home to a piping hot meal. She could go off to work and not worry about feeding her kids during lunchtime.

You see, like the rice cooker there are many devices that close up completely, cook for a certain period of time and switch to keep warm thereafter. There is less to clean up, you don't have to watch it all the time, no need to sweat it out over a hot stove (yay!), everyone can eat at different times and still have the same warm delicious meal. All of which make one pot cooking soo alluring.

I am not recommending you get a rice cooker to do the same. You can use an existing crock pot if you are not fussy. A pressure cooker or slow cooker would be better suited for preparing different types of one pot meals in this manner. 

To make things even easier, there is Delia Smith's "How to Cheat at Cooking", I bought my sis a daily calendar version. It tells you what to throw in a pot in terms of cans, packages etc to make the most delicious meals, no joke!

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