Thursday, April 19, 2012


Lots of specialty stores carrying Lego specific toys even though it's widely available in toy shops and departmental stores. I guess that attests to its popularity and appeal to all ages.

While you can't go wrong with any of its ready made lines for children or limited edition Star Wars sets for fans. It's the basic building blocks that appeal to the artist in us.

For these one of a kind sculptures, you will need both skill and money. Lego artists frequently sell their creations for thousands of dollars, one of Nathan Sawaya's life-sized lego sculpture in your likeness will set you back $78,000 or settle for one of Sean Kenney's custom Lego portraits at $2,200.


To create that leopard above you will need 6 boxes of loose lego bricks at $88 each or $528, instructional book sold separately.

Price aside, these modern works of art will look great in your hall or kid's room.

I have been thinking about my lego sculpture for a while. Can't decide what I want to express, something serious, cartoony or just make pragmatic furniture.

This doesn't look too difficult to make.

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