Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I recently purchased toiletries from Bulgari for my family to use and we all love the wonderfully perfumed products.

This is one of those understated luxury brands that isn't mentioned as frequently as others but you see people wearing the ubiquitous B.Zero1 range of necklaces and rings. One of their more affordable designs ($1,500 - $8,000) depending on how many diamonds there are as well as limited edition variations. For the socially conscious, Bulgari launched a Save the Children charity collection in 2010 that retails for under $1,000.

The classic Serpenti watch starts from $7,000 and comes in stainless steel to 1-of-a-kind jewellery masterpieces. Instantly recognizable, it's a modern take on a classic art nouveau design. Girls, we need to save up for this one, because the more money it costs, the more beautiful it gets. Although most lucky people would probably get the gold version below that can also be worn daily. 

In case you haven't already noticed, Bulgari is known for their stunning cabochon statement jewellery in lots of fun colours. The necklace below would normally be sold at an auction. However, you can walk in to any Bulgari boutique to purchase a less elaborate piece of jewellery of similar design ($2,500 - $25,000).

For the ultra-luxe seekers, this brand is also known to carry bejewelled gemstone accessories like sunglasses and bags to complete the look. Prices starting from $350 for a plain gold frame, all the way to $130,000 for a custom pair of shades.

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