Monday, April 9, 2012

Dior OUI

*Mini Rant Ahead*

SAs ran amok today and I found out it's because their managers are away. What luck that I chose today to pick up my custom fitted bracelet and necklace. I am larger than the normal Dior size so the jeweller had to cut up 2 OUI necklaces to make a bracelet and necklace for me. Took a while, could hear the head SA shouting quietly to the other girls for things like juice and receipts, I didn't get boxes for my jewellery and one SA even hung up on me, OMG! You would think they sell $1 accessories here.

So anyway, love the OUI range and my new stuff fits me like a glove :)

Haute Joallerie seldom translates into wearable. Yet amazingly, Dior has been able to create magical pieces of fine jewellery for these modern times almost effortlessly, from whimsical Diorette cocktail rings ($18,000 to $23,000) to discreet OUI and MIMIOUI ($1,000 to $5,900). 


I have my eye next on the latest Bois de Rose hoop earrings in rose gold ($5,000). A collection inspired by rose thorns that gives the classic French style an edge.     



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