Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jewel of the Heart

I can't walk away from these low priced blind/mystery packets of toys. I already have a collection of rement miniatures and realize that this concept has extended itself beyond the boundaries of the Japanese market to reach the International masses in the form of Lego, Marvel and now local Megcorp makes these Gogo monsters and Jewel Hearts.

To boost sales, there are contests where you can win cash or diamond pendants. The Gogos - these little rubber monsters, contest has closed as of 31 May 2012. But, the Jewel of the Heart contest is still on until end of this month, 30 April 2012, 2 more days to go.


With Mother's Day round the corner, I figure I might as well try my luck since each packet costs about as much as a 4D ticket. If I don't win the contest, I can still make the gem hearts into a casual bracelet for mom (*separate post on that).


It's almost completely sold out everywhere. But, I did manage to find an entire stack of boxes at Kiddy Palace. 1 box contains 12 packets. Once the contest date passes, I guess it won't really be worth it.

It's pretty cute, the package comes with instruction pamphlet, string and a bath fizzy heart which really makes more bubbles and dissolves cleanly, spewing heart confetti as it dissolves.

After the bubbles clear, you fish around the bowl to find a tiny heart shaped gemstone. There are 12 different kinds that you string up to wear as a pendant or bracelet.

You can guess the gemstone from the colour of the thread that comes in the packet. Green thread to green aventurine gem, pink thread to rose quartz and so on.

Sad to say, I didn't win a diamond pendant. But, it was fun and I saved a few packets for my mom, niece and sister to open. Maybe they'll have better luck than me.


If you are thinking of bathing with one of these, think again. The confetti hearts are pretty sharp and can scratch bare skin. Be careful :)

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