Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vom Fass Haul

Vom Fass the store that sells artisanal gourmet oils, vinigars and liquors from the cask. Branches in Ion Orchard and MBS. The staff put up recipes weekly and let you sample the wares like a real country fair.

Since mom's started me on this diet, the one thing I can't stomach is the amount of nuts I have to eat on salads, smoothies and encrusting my meat. So I finally made that trip to Vom Fass to find a pure nut oil I can use as a substitute. What do you know, they actually stock 6 different kinds that day - almond, argan, hazelnut, walnut, pinenut, pistachio. I picked my custom 100ml bottle, a star that costs $9.50 and asked the sales staff to fill it with delicious pure almond oil for $20.50. Total cost $30, more expensive than Mustafa Centre but I am planning to ingest it for the nutrients & vitamins, so it's definitely worth it. 

 Oh, and the eiffel tower bottle next to it is pure white truffle oil, stronger than the mixed stuff you find in grocery stores...yumyum...


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