Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moluccas Room

Rainy days always have me craving for the hot and spicy stuff.

Moluccas Room an Indonesian fine dining restaurant at MBS with the typical dark wood, soft lighting and jazz playing the background. It's awfully quiet on a weekday afternoon and really relaxing for the casual diner like myself.

The chef provided an amuse bouche of spiced rice with dried fish toppings. A clue of flavours to come.

I ordered beef makassar soup ($15) to start with and it was full bodied beef broth with slices of tenderloin. But, I think lacked the complexity from their chef's specialty soup that I will order next time.

I was dining alone so there's lots of space. A valid concern these days when the serving plates are soo huge with separate crockery for sauces & things. 

Instead of 1 sambal, there are 4 ranging from spicy to not at all. Some are sourish tangy and others are sweet savoury. Interesting when paired with the food.

I ordered Nasi Bali ($28) - lemongrass skewered fish cake and duck that was really tasty! Fish had that typical sweet ketchup on it and duck was cooked tenderly in a rendang.

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