Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TWG Haul

TWG cafe serves good food and great tea. Which is why I had to drop by their shop to pick up some sorely needed items like strong black tea for daily use. The shop sells tea, gift packs, candles, biscuits & macaroons, ice cream and limited edition teapots. The tea is sold loose in 100gm tins (which is what I got) at $36 or prepacked as teabags, 15pcs for $22.

I also got a rose scented candle that was unbelievable, it's like being in a full bloom rose garden. The scent is soo intense you can smell it from the other side of the shop when the lid was removed or brimming over it's box. Cashier mentioned it is their best-selling candle scent.

Macaroons are a favourite with regular customers buying up boxes each visit. Priced at $2 each. I like the chocolate caramel & lemon ones best. There is also a rose one for the afficionados.

The maharajah black tea is a natural pick for that comforting afternoon cup of tea, with it's robust flavour and creamy sweetness. The other black tea is the classic TWG 1837, their best selling blend. Tastes like fruit, hhmmm.

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