Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spotlight Haul

There is a monthly lucky draw with $1000 cash prize for every $25 spent! So I made another trip to Spotlight to have a look, especially with Easter round the corner. There are a whole bunch of offers in store but, I notice the displays have changed completely since the last time I was here so goods move fast. Reminder to get the things I want now and not wait for it to go on clearance.

Today's price buster is the Wiltshire 22 inch Happy Birthday cake pan for $5...its $5! My friends will be getting home baked cakes this year.

Self-contained silicon brushes for basting, 3 for $14.90. This is one of those incredibly functional products that make us go *aahhh*.

It's so auntie but I checked out the vinyl tablecloths when I was there and found a couple of cute patterns. I got a brightly coloured rose design for $12.95. These things are plastic so it lasts forever and cleaning is easy, just wipe down with a damp cloth.

I also surveyed the scrapbooking section for a new border craft punch as my old one is getting blunt. I never thought these things have a limit but apparently it does and you can only get like 1000 uses before it gets blunt. The one I got is the cheapest at $29, do check out the scrapbooking stores at Plaza Singapura for more variety and brands. I saw a Martha Stewart bundle set for $34.90.

A 1 litre pyrex measuring cup cum pourer, $20 from Robinsons. Sorry, I grabbed the last one. These are really handy for crafting as it is microwaveable.

Pretty cupcake liners, $10 for 48 pieces from Robinsons.

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