Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ran Out of Thread

This Mandarin Ducks cross stitch measures 62.18cm by 55.68cm utilizing a total of 50 colours.

I have been working on this cross stitch to-date but, had to stop as I ran out of DMC 3347 or green colour thread. I wrote in to the kit seller TangTang who was nice enough to send me 1 spool and promised the rest later when stock arrives at end November. Running out of thread in a kit is a common occurance, you will always end up with plenty of some colours and less of others.

I couldn't wait and went ahead to order some extra threads from www.stirringhearts.com.sg that stocks the entire DMC thread series for $0.80 a piece. There is a slight difference in colour between DMC threads sold in EU, outside EU and PRC only. So always just order from the same source again.

* Do not order the cross stitch kits from Gmarket. I purchased kits from other sellers that have no problems and all materials required. All the kits from the Gmarket seller do not have enough thread to complete.

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