Friday, November 4, 2011

Lawry's Dinner

Had my birthday dinner with Sylvia today at Lawry's, that high-class theme restaurant. It's supposed to be early American steakhouse where nothing has changed since 1938. But, everything is soo British! They even serve yorkshire pudding.

The costumed staff do a little performance when presenting the spinning bowl salad and they even sang a birthday song for me at the end of the meal. Try finding another high-end steakhouse that does that.

We proceeded to the newly opened Marie Antoinette Cafe for tea.

A quaint Parisian cafe with some pretty amazing macaroons and plenty of pre-packaged pastries for you to bring home.

Another lovely place for the ladies. Comfy chairs and monogrammed crockery. The teas smell and taste as described and main course portions are generous.

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