Friday, November 11, 2011

Punjab Grill

My opinions here may be biased as I have only eaten at Indian fish head curry restaurants and that one modern Indian restaurant. One thing's for sure, I didn't finish all the food on my tasting menu, not even close.

Indian crackers with a sweet tart chutney, yoghurt and spicy green thing that was my favourite dip. The chaat in the appetizer was in the same 2 sauces, good stuff. The honey tulsi dressing on the grilled fruits was a surprise. 

The main course had 3 types of tandoori served on a warm plate, the flavours were just right and I have eaten enough tandoori to know that. Then 3 types of curry (chicken, mutton, chickpea) are served with rice and naan. The butter chicken was quite literally the best I have ever tasted, it's that good. I finished the entire bowl of butter chicken and was too stuffed to go on with the rest of the meal.

Dessert of pineapple sorbet, mango saffron creme brulee and jamun, finished with a shot of mint yoghurt. Gonna come back here again.


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