Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hide Yamamoto

The Japanese restaurant at MBS. There is a bar, robata/teppanyaki grill and seating area. There isn't any ramen today for some strange reason.

The food may be reasonably priced but the green tea starts from $9, so you know this is located within the hotel. 

The meal started with pickled fried fish that was really delicious and flavourful, the chirashi was very fresh, even the wasabi was freshly grated. Miso soup was rather bland but you are not here to sip miso right. 

I thought the desserts would be traditional Japanese and was surprised with a apricot and kiwi sorbet in crushed biscuits. There is an affiliated casual dining place called Hy California that I will be making my way down to.

Oh yea, and I got my nails done. This time in silver shatter.

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