Friday, October 14, 2011

Cleansers and Toners

If those grooming classes back in school taught me anything, it is that proper removal of make-up is more important for your skin than anything else cosmetics companies can sell you.
Cleanse - Wash - Tone

My favourite brand back in school was Clarins cleanser & toner that was above average in results for a reasonable price. It completely removes all trace of makeup leaving the skin soft and supple afterwards. Sometimes 400ml combo packs are available for around $100. The facial wash is too gentle though.

When I got older and started on facials at the spa, I moved onto Sothys. For a slight increase in price, you get better results. The cleansers and toners work well with Sothys grommage (scrub) and facial washes. With the occasional desquacreme thrown in for deep skin peeling/cleansing. You can get 400ml combo packs for around $150.

Right now, I am trying out several different brands to find a new favourite. I have Lancome on my bathroom shelf this month. My aunts and cousins are such fans of this brand. So far so good, I really like the naturally fragranced toner. Cleansing gel has micro beads so it works as a scrub as well.

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