Sunday, July 10, 2011

Terracotta Warriors Exhibit

Asian Civilisations Museum is hosting the "The First Emperor & His Legacy" exhibit. It took some time to go through all that red tape but here it is finally.
Anticipation builds gradually as you walk through some modern works of art inspired by the exhibit. I thought it was very witty, that's the modern day representation of what the warriors and fairies would look like.
<Piece the Warrior> game at the entrance for the kids.

The first thing I saw was the bell comissioned by the dukes, engraved with an inscription of their divine right to rule. 

A half size terracotta replica of the same figures unearthed from the grave.

The tiger emblem used to confirm military orders. I have seen this before in drama serials where one half is kept by the outstation general and the other half by the emperor who sends it with military orders.

Should they really be showing this? Treasury coin moulds that formed the basis of chinese currency.

Terracotta warriors, what we came to see. Life size, armed with real weapons. This is just a representative collection of the actual exhibit in China. Amazing!

Stopped by the gift shop before heading home.

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