Saturday, July 2, 2011

Osteria Mozza Pizzeria

Traditional pizza made in a wood burning oven.

The mozza's pizzeria is fashioned after airline food service. Cutlery and serviettes are pre-packed and customers are served parmesan biscuits in a paper bag.

Mario Batali's recipes and home-made artisanal salami, so I had to try the salami pizza that was fantastic, I finished it by myself.

As with all celebrity restaurants at MBS, there is customized cocktail menu. Good thing I was seated at the bar and could easily read off what I wanted to the bartender.

The couple on my right had a mushroom pizza and the ladies on my left had a parma ham pizza, everyone was totally engrossed in their own piece of heavenlicious.

I thought I would have a single scoop of homemade gelato for dessert and was surprised by this wafer thing! The melon sorbet was remarkable almost like yubari melons, there are also unusual flavours like olive oil and coconut lime to look forward to.

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