Sunday, July 31, 2011

SIJS 2011


This year, I pre-registered for entry as a private buyer (for myself, *heehee*). The associated credit card is Citibank and is the only credit card accepted. It was soo troublesome walking across the exhibition hall to the credit card booth to pay that I just went outside to withdraw money from the ATM instead.

However, for those that take the trouble to pay by Citibank Cards (like me) received free pearls from DeGem Jewellers. I got a pair of 10mm white pearl earrings, the pearl necklaces were all gone already.

It really is a trade event so there are lots of sitting and coffee areas with UCC giving out free coffee and publications giving out free magazines. Apart from jewellers, there are companies selling jewellery packaging, trade tools and cleaning equipment. 

I purchased 2 gold chains from a specialty manufacturer that offers unusual cuttings on their chains and the more uncommon blue gold. The chains have an extender at the end with heart charms in case you need that extra inch. Priced a bit higher than a regular gold chain of the same weight at approximately $1000 per piece.

Then a HK jeweller shoved a flyer into my hand. Hot on the heels of all those bird apps, their price busters are 5 different bird designs in rose quartz & diamonds. I just had to get one! 

More gemstones for my hobby. It's soo cheap you wouldn't believe the prices of raw gems here, provided you buy in bulk. Oh yea, almost forgot to mention that the prices are in USD, they're not ripping you off.

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