Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This Singaporean brand specializes in crocodile skin accessories with the absolutely adorable paw print hardware. The first time I walked into a Kwanpen store at old Mandarin Gallery, I fell in love with a large white Raffles Bag, their signature pleated, top-opening bag. I was surprised to know the best selling item wasn't the Raffles but rather birkin / kelly inspired bags at a fraction of the price.

The Amex offer drew me into the MBS store in search of my very own piece of croc candy. The neat refined Kwanpen look actually comes from the beautiful porsus and nile crocodile's uniform small scales. I saw the most gorgeous black patent croc briefcase that I want for my dad, if I have $10,500 to spare. If you are not into croc, there are other types of exotic skins like eel, python or ostrich. Although none as pretty as candy coloured patent croc.

I took some time to decide on an item, finally settling on a broad croc belt with a textured gold buckle made to look like gator skin. I also got more free gifts from the nice staff, a black croc mobile strap and a Kwanpen bag hanger. Soo happy with my splurge ;)

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