Sunday, June 19, 2011

BKK Day 2

Chatuchak weekend market is THE place to go in Bangkok and opens at 7:30am. My mom and I head there early to avoid the crowds. This place sells everything from animals to clothes in a concentric maze with a clock tower in the center. Love the energy and variety!

We are pretty much done by mid-day and head back to the hotel to cool down with light snacks and iced tea. Live jazz band playing in the lobby lounge is definitely a different vibe from this morning.

And it's all complimentary from the hotel!

Time to try out the famous Banyan Tree spa, soo excited. We checked out the gift shop while they prepared our treatment rooms. Where I managed to do some damage to my card - I can't help it, there are some really lovely things in there. 

Their spa is gorgeous, the therapists soo well-trained and the mixed oils smelled almost hypnotic. We both left glowing with smiles.

For a holistic living place, you never go hungry here. It's almost as though they try to feed you at every possible opportunity.

We had another fitting at the tailors and then headed to Chinatown for a sharksfin dinner.

There are 3 famous shops in Chinatown that serve the most scrumptious bird's nest and shark's fin. If you prefer dining al fresco at the roadside hawkers, you will be pleased to know they also serve shark's fin and bird's nest.

My favourite dining place serves seafood with this tangy sour chilli dip that keeps me coming back for more.

Thai sharksfin soup is slightly different from the usual kind served in Singapore. An entire fin is broiled in claypot and you have to dunk the raw vegetables into the boiling broth.

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