Saturday, June 18, 2011

BKK Day 1

Woke up, had breakfast then left for the airport. Flight was delayed by 10 mins and completely full.
I booked Banyan Tree because it is big on the spa thing, so I can relax at the end of a nice long shopping day.
I am soo in love with the little touches - jasmine flowers when I arrive, lemongrass scented corridors and aromatherapy in the room. The fruit hamper in my room gets replenished everyday.

In-suite there is an enlarged bathtub with a view of the cityscape. You can order bath services but I just went with my Lush bath bombs. The bathroom is also fully stocked with bath salts, lotions etc.

We immediately went to the tailor to get our dresses made. It's 24hours but you really need the extra time for alterations.

Dinner at Vertigo, the IT restaurant in Bangkok at the moment and located on the 61st floor of the hotel I was staying at. It's al fresco dining on the top of the building with little torchlights for you to inspect the menu.

The menu is fusion with a wagyu steak in truffle soy sauce and grilled corn with chilli butter. I am usually sceptical about fusion but this was delicious.


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