Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tung Lok Pen Chai

It's the eve of the CNY eve, so we spend it with immediate family before the big steamboat reunion dinner tomorrow night. I ordered a poon choi or pen cai (big bowl feast) from Tung Lok restaurants because you can only get it once a year and Tung Lok has one of the best pen cai in the market.

The moment we stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted by a wall of pen cai carriers. Hhmm...seems like most Singaporeans love their pencai too.

This year's claypot is a bright Ferrari red, wide and low.

The take home feast also had yusheng with the signature citrusy honey plum sauce and salmon sashimi, ginger chicken and glutinous rice...yum! And the piece de resistance, delicious dark flavourful gravy over all sorts of chinese new year delicacies like tiger prawns, abalone, jumbo scallops, black moss, pig's thigh, duck breast, mushrooms, sea cucumbers, oysters, lotus root and cabbage.

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