Friday, February 4, 2011


Every house I went to on New Year's day had one of these Nestle Nespresso machines with it's companion wooden case filled with coffee shots. It left me puzzled and wondering what's up? Everyone says it's the new coffee maker, in 5 seconds you get an Italian espresso with whipped milk. That got my dad's attention.

So he made up his mind to get one. It starts from just a few hundred for a basic model to over a thousand for one with cup warmer holder and milk whipper. Looking forward to great coffee everyday and my maid will love us for this as it takes 20 mins to siphon brew our coffee.

My lovely aunt (in the pic) offered to help us buy one the next time she goes to UK, it's considerably cheaper there. I have to add that I look forward to her peranakan food and it doesn't disappoint. I had double servings of dried mee siam.

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