Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jewelfest 2009

Tianpo had a goodie bag booth at the entrance for their VIPs. Today is the first day the Jewelfest is open to the public, loads of champagne (Piper Hiedsieck), canapes and models in evening gowns and jewellery walking around. Probably to induce women to start their irrational buying.

Not much crowds. Mostly women in groups with only a few couples and even fewer families. I think women just enjoy buying jewellery for themselves. And there were lots of gorgeous jewellery and hard to find pieces here. I had a preference for the fire opal pieces. I found out it depends on where you find it. Australian Fire Opals have iridescent specks inside, Mexican Fire Opals on the other hand are completely clear. Hhmm, you learn something new everyday.

I bought a subscription to Solitaire magazine. It's supposed to be the consumer end of the publishers' offerings.

I couldn't resist the beautiful jewels and bought a tiny little watermelon tourmaline pendant.

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