Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beading Classes

I finally signed up for jewellery making lessons. Bought myself a complete set of tools in pink and a couple of fasteners to get started.

The shop has the widest range of semi-precious to precious stone I have ever seen. I tried my luck asking for gold and black coral, which they had! Surprisingly (see picture above). Sometimes, they even bring in blue jade. Talk about accessibility. I am going to need a 2nd job for this.

I have been a self taught hobbyist for years. Starting out with my dad's soldering iron and coloured wires to create bangles and pendants. Progressing onto hobby wire for art classes and eventually beading.

I realize spending habits don't change, they just grow in proportion to your current salary. So as you earn more, you spend more on the same things. This is evidenced in how much I spend on this hobby. I spent a good portion of my allowance back when I was a kid at Japanese hobby stores that sold imported beads. Nowadays, I buy wholesale strands of semi-precious stones. Above picture shows some leftover strands of turquoise, rose quartz, pearls and corals I haven't used yet. My dad used to buy us spools of wire and iron to fuel our habit. I think that is why me & my sis love wholesale quantities of stuff even til today.

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