Friday, October 9, 2009

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Marking each milestone and special occasion in my life with diamond jewellery sounds outlandish. In my case, I am referencing the smaller, more affordable range and not the million dollar bling. I try not to go into deficit in the pursuit of pretty things. It helps when your family members feel the same way as well.

Starting with the basics or shall I say classics that will last you a lifetime. My 16th birthday present from my mom, a diamond tennis bracelet in white gold. From far it looks like a sparkly gold bracelet.

With Jewelfest open to the public from tomorrow onwards, have fun searching for your own presents! My 18th birthday present, 0.4 carat diamond solitaire ring in white gold (picture above).

To celebrate my first job after graduation, my mom bought me this eternity ring that can be worn 2 ways. A normal band of diamonds and by also flipping out the inner yellow gold band to form a puzzle ring.

My 2nd job. I bought a diamond graffiti ring in white gold for myself. It broke once and costs as much to repair.

My sister's wedding, a diamond sunburst pendant to match my dress. Below picture is my mom's jewellery, that was worn to match another outfit. I like the earrings, that are designed to look like you have 2 ear holes on each ear.

Another diamond ring to celebrate my 3rd job (picture below). It's a ring casing and I bought it with the intention of setting a princess cut diamond in the center. But, on 2nd thought, the loose diamond looks better as a pendant.

26th Birthday present, another diamond bracelet. This time little flowers in a row.

A huge diamond pendant from my mom. It's now a staple in my wardrobe for all occasions. It's not a common design and discreet enough not take grab attention away from the bride, speaker etc. There isn't even a hook. You have to just string the chain across.

I first heard about coloured diamonds when I was still a teen. Soo rare that they are only found in the Australian mines. Not sure if this is still true. I only own 1 piece of coloured diamond jewellery, that is a cognac diamond ring (pic below). The rich silky brown colour coupled with the inner fire of diamonds make it seem more wholesome than any other coloured gem.

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