Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work Souvenirs

My 3rd year with the bank and I got another souvenir. It's actually a memento for completing my project. The colour is awesome, reflecting Obama's "time for a change" tag line. It even has my name engraved on the other side =)

I am sure everyone has the usual, to be expected stuff like photos, lanyards, mugs, stickers. Somehow, I have amassed a collection to rival a preferred banking customer. Many thanks to my employers.

I have this massive A4 leather Citibank agenda from my first job. It's for note-taking and appointments (cheaper than a blackberry) and a silver photo frame with the bank's name embossed below. Yes, a silver photo frame. Then I moved to UBS and acquired a couple of stress balls and toy footballs to reflect the many initiatives that were going on at that time. Picked up 1 more when I moved to CS then a coffee table book collection on a sponsored artist and now this pen.

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