Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malay Wedding

Malay weddings are huge community affairs. To accommodate the sheer number of people that attend the wedding, it's not uncommon to hold the lunch, dinner at the void deck. People come and go all day.

The void deck is transformed by bales of cloth, tulle, chandeliers and bouquets of flowers. A stage is even setup for the wedding couple to go through the religious rites.

The caterers setup stove under an adjacent tent and start their preparations for the wedding feast a day in advance. Peeling potatoes, marinating and mixing the spices. A variety of Nasi Briyani is served (fish, chicken, mutton or beef). For the unacquainted, it's saffron rice with achar (cold & spicy pickled vegetables) and rendang (meat in a thick curry). My favourite part of the wedding is usually the food as it is usually good.

On the actual wedding day, the family and friends start pouring in before lunch starts. My neighbours even chartered a bus to bring guests into the estate.

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