Sunday, June 7, 2009

Singaporean Seafood

One of my favourite activities when I am with my family is eating crabs. We have the typical Singapore seafood feast at our favourite restaurant Jumbo on all special occasions like birthdays. It's the 2-3kg Sri Lanka crabs, fresh river prawns and crispy squid fritters that we cannot do without every couple of months. Whether soaked in XO milk soup with beehoon or deep fried in oats, we have to get our hands dirty and tuck into these cholesterol laden foods every now and then.

So the classic dish is dough fritters stuffed with cuttlefish paste. Some places do it with seafood paste. Served with chili and peanut sweet sauces, sometimes it's served with mayonnaise and sambal belachan.

Beggar's bowl. In Singapore, this means claypot tofu. Since you are in a seafood restaurant, this gets served with sea cucumbers, prawns, scallops, squid, snow peas, button mushrooms and cauliflower as well.

The noodles are fried over a hot industrial fire to get that "wok hei" taste. Enhances the yumminess.

Wash it all down with iced Chinese tea. Chinese tea is known for aiding digestion. Good after a fatty oily meal.

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