Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Singapore Sale 2009

The queues, free gifts and discounts are what make up this annual event. The only time of the year you will see several generations jointly participating in the national pastime of shopping.

The same lucky draw held every year organized by SPH (the national newspaper people): It's popular because you can win a car.

My favourite giveaway this season is the Goldheart diamond studded Canon Ixus 100 IS camera. They published the price of this thing (SGD 8,988) but I don't think it's for sale.

Best sales are as usual the end of season sales at the luxury brands Gucci and Prada where queues snake around the storefront. Singaporeans and our tourists love these 2 brands in particular. I don't really understand this phenomenon. Are they giving away free stuff? Do we have an insatiable need for luxury clothes and accessories? Having said that, I am guilty of joining these queues as well. Hey, if people are willing to queue there must be something worth looking at.

My best buy is Lothantique hand cream and soap that I gave away as a housewarming present to my colleague.


  1. hi, may i know where can i find the lothantique products in singapore? thanks :)

  2. They have a counter at Takashimaya. I think Isetan and Seiyu used to carry them as well.


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