Sunday, June 14, 2009


My childhood pastime. I remember learning and sharing new designs with my friends in between classes. The very first version I learnt was the ball (see picture above) where you have to blow into it to inflate the structure. The last design I learnt before I finished school was how to fold cranes (see picture below).

I still can't resist buying beautifully made craft paper when I find them. More recently, I bought an origami book to teach myself some new tricks. Complete Origami by David Mitchell, PageOne publishing.

Cormorant on a rock (picture above). I saw the pantry ladies in my office doing this =P

Clingons (picture above). Strictly for the star trek fans. You hook these onto each other to form a chain, no staplers or glue required. It's supposed to look like "robotic aliens descending from a starship".

For the beginners, there is Egypt. Only 3 folds required.

The Kabuto or samurai's hat (see picture above). Great for dressing up your hard boiled egg.

The Love Knot (see picture above). Love letters are folded up into this knot so they cannot be easily undone and read by others.

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