Monday, July 21, 2008

Wood Restaurant

Barbecue gone fine dining. Everything is smoked with cherry wood or the like. Great for BBQ fans as the cooking method imparts a smoky flavour to everything (the vegetables, meat, fish). I wanted to try this restaurant for the longest time.

Not knowing what to have, the tasting menu seemed a good way of getting familiar with this restaurant's offerings. Let me try and remember what was ordered, it turned out to be quite alot of food. Smoked scallop with mustard (unusual taste as I am more used to the fresh taste of the sea you get from sashimi), foie gras salad (absolutely fantastic. The generous portion of foie gras was crisp on the outside and cooked perfectly pink in the middle. It was melt in the mouth delicious. Unfortunate that the chef didn't remove the artery, a step missed by most restaurants anyway), clear soup with smoked ham (again the smoky flavour), black codfish (slightly charred on the outside, but, still yummy), duck margret (another fantastic dish. If not for the smoked flavour, I would have thought a HK chef prepared this duck) and a iced fruit granita for dessert with espresso.

This place is kinda refreshing as it's unusual. But, nothing particularly exciting. I guess the privacy afforded by its decor and location make it a good place to catchup with friends after a long day of shopping.

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