Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Mushroom Pot

This is the place touted by fungi lovers and vegetarians alike. Every dish overflows with various types of mushrooms (I think the menu mentions 20 varieties). The signature item is the mushroom hotpot which I didn't order. Instead, I was keen on trying their a -la-carte items that came strongly recommended by my friend Joanne.

Mushroom Rolls came first, with sweet chili sauce. No need to dip them in chili sauce as they were deliciously savoury on their own, wrapped in a crispy crepe. Then came the Tibet Ribs which were surprisingly tough to cut but very yummy, like the usual Chinese pork ribs you get from Zhi Char stalls. My favourite was the fried squid in century egg batter with wasabi dip. Century egg batter appears to be a Chinese restaurant trend these days. No complaints from me as it is lighter and richer in taste than the usual stuff. All the side dishes overshadowed the spicy seafood noodle soup (mains). True to the restaurant's name, the noodle soup had at least 5 varieties of mushroom in it.

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