Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cherry Tomato Farm

Spent the afternoon at a Cherry Tomato Farm in Mandai. Its been a long time since I stepped foot on an organic farm. I remember the after exam school tours and the weekend trips with my mom to purchase organic produce when I was still in school. Singapore has a myriad of such farms. Growing and selling the staple of mushrooms, aloe vera, cherry tomato, cucumbers, leafy greens, potted herbs, fresh milk, eggs, poultry, game, fish, frogs and eels. As our primary focus is always on purchasing the items for home preparation we tend to skip the farm restaurants like Poison Ivy Bistro. Which is a pity and I have to make a trip there some day.

The farming family also grows a bunch of fruits for their own consumption. We were lucky as it was rambutan season and the owner and his friends were busy plucking the fruits for on the spot tasting sessions. He was even giving away big bags of the freshest and sweetest rambutans I have ever tasted in a long time. I bought a packet of gourmet fennel seeds to start my own little garden.


  1. hi was just trying to google for tomato farms in sg and stumbled on your blog. Do u think u can give me the add of this tomato farm u went to? and maybe some others that you know of since you mentioned there are many?? thanks :):)

  2. The farms are at Lim Chu Kang, Kranji and Jurong.

    A directory of them are available at:

    have fun!


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