Friday, September 29, 2017

Singpost POP Stations

I re-contracted my mobile phone line and got a free phone! OK, so that's not new, most people choose to keep their existing phones and get a free tablet instead but I find tablets quite strenuous to hold. 

Instead of delivering it to my home, the new phones are delivered to a Singpost POP station. I've yet to use one of these so this is my first time checking it out. POP stations are similar to the PO boxes of old, only instead of leasing it on a yearly basis, it's chargeable on a per use basis.

So you scan a QR code or key in the details and a locker pops open with your item inside, all packaged into 1 easy bundle. So convenient!

I had to get a new phone coz my phone screen finally cracked. I've dropped my phone many times before and it has never cracked until now. I was shopping around for a new phone and couldn't find anything I really wanted so I got the $0 phone instead and it's a pink LG.

 It cannot shoot HD videos but those phones have tiny storage anyways, so you really cannot take more than a couple minutes of footage. Other than that, its pretty much the same (Android enabled) with the option of expandable storage (something my old phone didn't have).

This bundle came with a free protective transparent casing so it will protect the phone and I don't have to shop around for something pretty to cover it with. Stopped at Koufu food court for some high tea before heading home. 

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